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Vijayanagar Biotech Limited was formed and incorporated with Registrar of Companies, Hyderabad on 26th may, 2004.
Our Mission

Providing   our  Customers with quality   Products  or   Services.

Our Vision

Work towards the financial upliftment of the farmers under win-win association on a sustainable fashion.

         The unit is very well located on the banks of River Champavathi and at 50th km from vizag on NH-5 on the way to Kolkata.


VIJAYANAGAR BIOTECH LIMITED, is a professionally managed Company promoted by technocrats, well qualified and richly experienced in the various fields.
In the next two years, the Company has plans toenhance its capacity up to 250 MT/Day with various modified starches such as Thin boiling starch (wet method), Oxidized starch, Battery grade starch, Esterified starch, Pregelatinised maize starch, Pharma grade starches to witness a steady growth in its turnover with full capacity utilization.
Striving for technological improvement in Micro and Macro environment is our motto: to meet the growing and changing needs of our customers on sustained basis and to establish Vijaynagar Biotech Limited as the market leader.

  Our Products  
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Maize Starch Powder - 50 Kgs
Maize Starch Powder - Equivalent I
Maize Starch Powder - 1 Kg Packing
Maize Starch Powder - High Britnes
Maize Starch Powder - Battry Grade
Maize Germs
Maize Gluten
Thin Boiled Starch - J

Thin Boiled Starch - A   
Thin Boiled Starch (Wet Method) 
Esterifiles Starch
Oxidized Starch
Yellow Dextrin
Cationic Maize Starch
Coarse Fiber
Fine Fiber
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